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A landfill has a limited life, but a composting plant can continue to process waste indefinitely.

SCOW Conferences

3rd Capitalization Conference

16 December, 2015


On Wednesday 16th, it took place the third, and last, Capitalization Conference of the SCOW project where the Medcompost Network was presented to all participants within a press conference.



  • Mr. Francesc Giró, Technical Director, Waste Agency of Catalonia
  • Mr. Dionís Guiteras, Vice-president of the Regional Government of Barcelona Province and President of the Area of Territory and Sustainability; President of BCNecologia
  • Mr. Salvador Rueda, Director of BCNecologia
  • Ms. Marta Vila. Coordinator of the Waste Management and Materials Cycle Area, BCNecologia
  • Mr. Marc Sans, Environmental Technician, County Council of Pallars Sobirà
  • Ms. Gemma Nohales. Project coordinator of Waste Management and Materials Cycle Area, BCNecologia


SCOW_Press_SCOW project-Results_MartaVila.pdf 1.4 Mb

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