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Biowaste Management in Italy and Quality Assurance

30 November, 2014

Economic balance of door-to-door and road containers waste collection for local authorities and proposals for its optimisation.



Small-Scale Biosolids Composting October 2013, BioCycle.net

Cambridge, Ohio retrofitted a portion of its vacuum assisted drying beds into a covered composting facility, processing about 300 dry tons/year of biosolids and wood chips.


Compost Use On Athletic Fields And Golf Courses October 2013, BioCycle.net

Compost manufacturers in the Southeast and Midwest are capitalizing on their products’ inherent capabilities to build soil organic matter, retain moisture and provide nutrients.



Biowaste Management in Italy and Quality Assurance

11 May, 2014 Authors : Marco Ricci – Juergensen; Massimo Centemero; Werner Zanardi, Dario Dall’Anna E-mail: ricci@compost.it Separate collection of biowaste from MSW represents Italy's largest recycling industry managing more than 4,5Mt/yr producing 1,3Mt/yr of quality compost used in agriculture, landscaping, and other activities. Intensive source-separation of biowaste is a key-factor for gaining high recycling rates and is currently applied in 4000 municipalities involving ca. 40M inhabitants. Door to door collection of foodwaste combined with compostable bags/shoppers are showing best-performances in terms of cap

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