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Generation of organic solid waste is rising everywhere in the Mediterranean region, due to population's increase and development of industry agriculture.

SCOW Conferences

SCOW members in Amman Capitalization Event

29 October, 2013

SCOW Participants: Sawsan Al Qudsi and Imad Al Masri from HWE, Prof. Uri Marchaim from MIGAL, Gemma Nohales from BCNecologia


Main objective:  assess the midterm needs to define the strategies for next ENPI Program by:

• Define good-practices and challenges regarding each represented project

• Relate the good-practices and challenges to the main 5 midterms needs, select the midterm need more closely related to each represented project

• Brainstorming to obtain ideas of the future waste strategies to be supported by ENPI.



• Awareness, political commitment, networking

• Waste prevention

 •Test new sustainable (in all scopes) technologies

• Bio waste is the most important fraction, there were several projects related to bio waste management

• Cluster should define an integrated waste management strategy/plan for Med basin addressed to policy makers-ROUTE MAP

 •Cluster will be coordinated by GMI Jordan project technicians

• SCOW request: support to maintain the med networking after the end of the project, engage more entities, support low cost -low tech -high quality models


Watch photos of the event, click here.

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