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SCOW Conferences

SCOW members in Amman Capitalization Event

29 October, 2013

SCOW Participants: Sawsan Al Qudsi and Imad Al Masri from HWE, Prof. Uri Marchaim from MIGAL, Gemma Nohales from BCNecologia


Main objective:  assess the midterm needs to define the strategies for next ENPI Program by:

• Define good-practices and challenges regarding each represented project

• Relate the good-practices and challenges to the main 5 midterms needs, select the midterm need more closely related to each represented project

• Brainstorming to obtain ideas of the future waste strategies to be supported by ENPI.



• Awareness, political commitment, networking

• Waste prevention

 •Test new sustainable (in all scopes) technologies

• Bio waste is the most important fraction, there were several projects related to bio waste management

• Cluster should define an integrated waste management strategy/plan for Med basin addressed to policy makers-ROUTE MAP

 •Cluster will be coordinated by GMI Jordan project technicians

• SCOW request: support to maintain the med networking after the end of the project, engage more entities, support low cost -low tech -high quality models


Watch photos of the event, click here.

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