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A landfill has a limited life, but a composting plant can continue to process waste indefinitely.

SCOW Conferences

Capitalization event of the SCOW project and IUED for Selective Collection of Organic Waste and Composting at Agricultural and Tourism Area

12 June, 2014

Upper Galilee, Israel

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On behalf of SCOW Project Partners, MIGAL Galilee Research institute, Upper-Galilee Regional Council and IUED - Israeli Union for Environmental Defense, we would like to thank you all for your significant contribution to the fascinating and successful conference on Recycling and Reducing Waste at Tourism and Agricultural areas.

Wishing us all fruitful collaborations and success with the implementation of selective source separation for the benefit of the present and future generations. 

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 Conference Agenda

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09:45 Greetings 

Chairman: Adv. Amit Bracha - CEO of IUED, Israel Union for Environmental Defense  

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Mr. Giora Salz  Chairman of Upper-Galilee Regional Council

Mr. Amir Peretz - Minister of Environmental Protection, Israel

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Mr. Luigi Pratolongo, the Head of the Economic and Trade section - EU embassy in Israel

Mr. Avishai Levy - CEO of MIGAL,Galilee Research Institute

Mr. Francisco Cardenas - BCNecologia and SCOW project Manager, Barcelona

Mr. Martin HeibelENPI CBC Med Programme 

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10:30 Learning from Europe and Israel- Best Practices and Policies

Chairman: Prof. Uri Marchaim, MIGAL, Galilee Research Institute

Mrs. Gemma Nohales- BCNecologia, SCOW project technical coordinator, presentation of the SCOW project

Prof. Dan Levanon- Senior scientist, Head of research group Agricultural Biothechnology, MIGAL. Capitalisation of the SCOW project

Mr. Marco Ricci Juhrgensen- Italian Composting Association CIC, Chair of ISWA Working Group on Biological Treatment. Biowaste strategies in Europe; Key elements for the application of best practices

Mr. Ramon Plana- International expert for composting. Camping sites self-treatment, low cost, low tech in Spain

Mr. Francesc Giró- Deputy Director, Waste Agency of Catalonia. Organic Waste separation at agricultural and tourism areas; The economic sight

Mr. Gilad Ostrovsky- Director of sustainability Department, MISGAV regional Council.Source Separation - an overview and planning for the future

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12:30  The Mihazorit Prize for 2013 to local and regional authorities.

Beverages Containers Collection Corporation Ltd By Haim Zarbiv CEO of EL 
Beverages Containers Collection Corporation Ltd and Amit Bracha CEO of IUED

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13:30 Innovative models for source separation and composting of biowaste 

Chairman: Prof. Dan Levanon, MIGAL

Mr. Giora SalzChairman of the Upper-Galilee Regional Council. The composting model of the Upper-Galilee Regional Council

Mr. Michele Giavini- ARS ambiente, consultant of Italian Composting Association CIC. Different successful experiences

Mr. Rani Idan- Mayor of Emek Hefer Regional Council - Composting model

Mr. Ron Shani- Mayor of MISGAV Regional Council - Composting model

Mr. Ramon Plana- International expert for composting. The SCOW general model for biowaste management and other alternatives. Catalonia, Spain

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14:45 Treatment of Organic Waste from Agriculture, Industries & commercial. Research, experience and policy recommendations(15 minutes)

Chairman: Mr. Aviv Lavi, Journalist, Galatz

  • Commercials Organic Waste- The potential of reduction and treatment

Adv. Asaf Rosenbloom - IUED Head of legal department. New perspectives on organic waste policy: focusing on commercial and institutional waste.

Mr. Gidi Kruch - CEO of "Leket-Israel". NGO for saving food from the tourism sites & Catering sectors.

  • Industrial Organic Waste – Innovative ways of treatment

Mr. Adi Cohen - A.K.SHIBOLET.  Reuse of food waste at industry

Ms. Ronit Shahar Environment protection manager,STRAUS Company. Recycling organic waste in food industry: Solutions & Dilemmas

  • Agricultural Organic Waste – treatment and implementation in the soil

Mr. Massimo Centemero- Technical Director of Italian Composting Council, member of the board of European Compost Network. The Use of Compost as a Substitute of Mineral Fertilizers.

Ms. Anat Lowengart- Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Israel. Treatment and re-use of organic by products in Israeli Agriculture – current situation


16:15- Summery and vision for the future

Chairman: Mr. Gilad Ostrovsky - Director of sustainability Department, MISGAV

Mr. David Lefler - Director General of the Environmental protection ministry, Israel.

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17:00 – 18:30 Professional study tours (2 parallel)

Study-tour 1- "Sustainable community - practices of waste treatment"

Sustainable principles for compost treatment and uses in the community at Kibbutz AMIR; Waste treatment of households with the neighborhood's composters. Uses of compost at the community garden, visit the  permaculture farm and meeting with green active people in the community. Mr. Tal Israeli, Mr. Amik Hacohen,Mr. Alex Kachan.

Study-tour 2 – "Freindly Agriculture at Havat Hamataim"

In our tour at “Havat Hamataim" research station located at the Northern Hula Valley we will learn about different methods to control pest in various crops with environmentally friendly means. We will also talk about an environmentally friendly agriculture project that is successfully operated in the region for the last 4 years. In addition we will find out about the MISSTOW system that treats agricultural wastewater from wineries and olive mills in a multidisciplinary environmentally safe approach.  With Dr. Liora Shaltiel.


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Companies' Exhibition at the 1st Capitalization Event, Solutions for selective collection of Organic Waste>>


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