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Inauguration of the Composting Plant of Sort

31 July, 2015


Josep Maria Tost, Director of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, along with Rosa Exposito, Coordinator of the Liaison Office with the Programme ENPI CBC MED, Llàtzer Sibís, president of the Regional Council of Pallars Sobirà and Salvador Rueda, Director of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, inaugurated the new Composting Plant of which has been constructed next to the waste disposal center. The assistants also visited the new facilities and learn about the process by which the organic waste that has been collected at homes and in commercial activities due to the new door-to-door system turns into quality compost that will go to the fields, orchards and gardens in the region.


In the morning, there was a Technical Workshop in which participants learned about and discussed the advantages and challenges of the waste management model of the Pallars Sobirà and other tourist areas of mountains; were informed about the data from the first months of operation of the door-to-door collection service in the Pallars Sobirà and the project of the Composting Plant of Sort. Besides, experts from other European areas, where similar systems are being applied, shared their own experiences.



In addition, the night before the group was able to follow the collector truck during door-to-door service through the streets of Sort and other parts of the Pallars. Precisely, according to the weekly schedule of collection, it was the turn of organic waste and residual fractions