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Israel- Upper Galilee Regional Council

Info day of the SCOW project in the Upper Galilee

11 January, 2016


Last Thursday, a seminar was held in the Upper Galilee Regional Council, which aims to present the SCOW project product.

The purpose of the seminar was to present to the kibbutzim gardeners, the finest compost, which is a product of the decomposition of organic waste collected in the kibbutzim, and to offer them ways to use it on the public and private gardens.

The seminar gave professional lectures and a tour to Kibbutz Amir to watch the community composter operation, and to demonstrate uses of compost in the community garden.

 Later in the seminar, we present the SCOW project products and data on waste separation in Upper Galilee. Professor Dan Levanon and Prof. Uri Mar Haim, From Migal, presented research on environmental issues now taking place in the Upper Galilee, led by Migal.  

Finally given an inspiring lecture on sustainability and innovation and what is our place as a local authority to change and lead the field.

Read about the visit of the Minister of the Israel ministry of Environmental protection visits in The Upper Galilee>>>

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