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A landfill has a limited life, but a composting plant can continue to process waste indefinitely.

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MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute
Name: Prof Uri Marchaim
Address:South Industrial Zone, P.O. Box 831 Kiryat-Shmona, 11016

MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute is an applied research institute working in the fields of biotechnology, environmental sciences and agriculture. The institute, which is located in Kiryat Shemona, is a subsidiary of the Galilee Development Company.

MIGAL was established in 1979 and employs 50 scientists with doctorates, among a total staff of more than 150 researchers, engineers, and students for advanced degrees, all residents of the Galilee. Migal's vision is to develop in the Galilee a knowledge based economy in life and environmental sciences. Such development is made possible through implementation of the research conducted at the institute in business applications, as well as commercialization of intellectual property. 

MIGAL serves as a focus for the development of relations between science and community in the Galilee, and its researchers serve as members of the Faculty of Sciences at Tel Hai Academic College.

MIGAL is very experienced in EU projects as well as in Bi-national projects with the USA (BIRD, BARD, MERK) and received grants from various sources (FP5-7, NIH, WHO, UNDP, USAID etc). MIGAL's researchers were coordinators of projects in the FP5 and FP6 programmes and participated in around 10 FP programmes. It was involved in scientific projects as well as CSA projects for innovation and regional development. As the MEGA R&D institute of regional development it is involved each year in many agricultural projects as well as in water-saving project, and in monitoring the situation at the Galilee Water Basin.