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The earlier the waste is sorted, the greater the separation potential and the greater the value of recyclable components.

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Environment Park SpA - BioenergyLab
Name: Mr Parco Scientifico
Address:Galleria San Federico, 54 – 10100 Turin, Piedmont

“Environment Park was founded in 1996, through an initiative of the Piedmont Region, the Province of Torino, the City of Torino and the European Union, and represents an original experiment in the field of European Scientific and Technological Parks as it successfully combines technological innovation and eco-efficiency. The Park’s mission is to provide solutions and innovative technologies in the fields of energy and the environment, through partnerships, special R&D projects, specific training activities and the organisation of thematic events. Environment Park presents 4 main technology areas, each one splitted into several platforms (Hysylab dedicated to hydrogen fuel cell applications, Green Building offering consultancy and design services in the field of eco-compatible architecture, Clean NT Lab dedicated to plasma application for materials, Bioenergy Lab dedicated to biomass/waste exploitation for energy production). In particular BioEnergy Lab operates in the following sectors:

  • Lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment
  • Biohydrogen and biomethane production via anaerobic digestion of organic wastes
  • Agricultural waste treatment by algae process
  • Biogas into biomethane upgrading
  • Feasibility studies for the assessment of virtuous cycles for the exploitation of organic wastes

BioEnergy Lab owns three different pilot stations for the realization of experimental tests:

  • Two stage anaerobic digestion plant for the coproduction of biohydrogen and biomethane
  • One photobioreactor using microalgae for the depuration of livestock effluents and liquid effluent from anaerobic digestion
  • Three lines of pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass: steam explosion, chemical hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis”