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Generation of organic solid waste is rising everywhere in the Mediterranean region, due to population's increase and development of industry agriculture.


Newsletter No. 4, March 2015

26 March, 2015

About SCOW

The aim of SCOW project, funded by the ENPI CBCMED Program, is to develop low cost, technically simple and high quality biowaste collection and recycling models in Mediterranean territories with touristic areas and agricultural activity. SCOW wants to build up a sustainable, innovative and local treatment of the biowaste in decentralized small-scale composting plants, developed essentially in agricultural holdings situated near the biowaste production areas in the partners’ territories.
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SCOW Project partners meetings

Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona organized Workshop at 25.2.15  read the agenda>>>


Sign on the Manifesto for food waste management in the Mediterranean Basin>>>



5th steering committee of the SCOW project - PSC-PTC, 21-22 October 2014, Corsica


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New models of composting plant – SCOW project



 To read more about the project composting plants, press here


Capitalisation events

The SCOW project partners participated at the Ecomondo fair

It is one of the most important fair on the environment field in Italy.



The SCOW project partners presented a paper on the SCOW project during a poster session dedicated to the biowaste on the 6th of November. press here to read it.

Local events of the SCOW project partners

Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona organized a visit of mayors at Pallars Sobirà municipalities



First SCOW Awareness and Training Session for Farmers in Beitello/ Ramallah Governorate

HWE held the first awareness and training session for farmers in Al-Ittihad Municipality in Beitillo Village. The HWE team (Eng. Aida and Mr. Majdi) gave a presentation on SCOW project, funding, partners, objectives and, outputs.


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Door to door campaign - Containers distributing to house-holds at Upper Galilee

Upper-Galilee Video clip: "Recycling starts at home!" 


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Italy- Environment Park SpA – BioenergyLab



Within the project SCOW –   Environment Park, as SCOW project partner, organized a conference dedicated to the organic wastes valorisation in complex territorial contexts 

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Local Government Association held a workshop with two schools from Malta 

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No-waste attitude and sorting - workshop in Corsica




Local event at MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute, Upper-Galilee

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selection of ENPI CBC MED projects Mediterranean stories


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SCOW campaign in different languages

The SCOW campaign is now available in six languages. press here to choose the language that suits you 



The SCOW campaign materials are available for you here




SCOW Best Practices


This database is one of the outputs of the SCOW project. It includes 14 records with detailed technical and economical information about collection and specially treatment systems using different decentralized composting models with good results and functioning.

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SCOW Press releases

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