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The earlier the waste is sorted, the greater the separation potential and the greater the value of recyclable components.


Newsletter No.5, January 2016

11 January, 2016


This is the last newsletter of SCOW because the project ends this December. It has been a pleasure to inform you about all the actions and activities done. Thank you so much for following us during all these months and we hope to see you soon in future projects.

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SCOW External Activities

2nd Capitalization Conference – Manifesto Workshop, 25 February, 2015 – Barcelona

In the framework of the project, it was launched a questionnaire addressed to all partners and associates involved in it. With the gathered responses, it was possible to make the “Manifesto for food waste management and strategies in the Mediterranean Basin”, which was one of the target objectives of the SCOW project. The Manifesto was discussed and agreed during the technical workshop held in Barcelona. The signature of the Manifesto by the entities attending the workshop was formalized in the afternoon before a press conference.

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SCOW Final Conference, 1-2 December, 2015 – Ramallah

On December 1st and 2nd, it was held in Ramallah, Palestine, the final Conference of the project SCOW. The whole Conference could be followed through video conference. In this act, local and international experts, as well as the partners of the project, celebrated the end of the project and discussed about different topics related to the management of organic waste in the Mediterranean basin (policies, objectives, existing models...) and with the transformation of them into compost, with the consequent benefit to agriculture and soils; among others.

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3rd Capitalization Conference – 16 December, 2015 – Barcelona

On Wednesday 16th, it took place the third, and last, Capitalization Conference of the SCOW project where the Medcompost Network was presented to all participants.

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See the videos of the SCOW application in each partner country!


The SCOW Project in the region of Catalonia


The SCOW Project in the region of Italy - Development Agency Gal Genovese


The SCOW Project in the region of Upper Galilee, Israel


The SCOW Project in the region of Malta- Local Councils’ Association


The SCOW Project in the region of Palestinian Authority- House of Water and Environment


See the video of the SCOW Project’s “Making-of”!


New Local events

The following are the last local events of implementation and feedback in the regions that have participated in the project. 


Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona (Spain)

Door-to-Door collection system is presented in Pallars Sobirà (February 2015


The Conseller of the Territory and Sustainability of Catalonia, Santi Vila, travelled to Sort to present the next implementation of Door-to-Door collection system in Pallars Sobirà.

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Door-to-Door collection starts in Pallars Sobirà (March 2015)

The selective waste collection Door-to-Door was launched in the region of Pallars Sobirà. The service consists in delivering the waste to the municipal collection service in front of the house’s door, in homologated buckets, according with a given calendar.  

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Feasts to celebrate the Door-to-Door service (April 2015)

Coinciding with the Easter holidays, a series of feasts were held in different places of the county of Pallars Sobirà to celebrate the implementation of the selective collection service Door-to-Door. These celebrations were designed for the whole family, focusing on children and trying that they had a day of fun learning about the advantages of recycling and the importance of caring for the environment.

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Press conference to present the results of the first month of operation of Door-to-Door service (April 2015)

On April 24th, there was a press conference in Sort, capital of the Pallars Sobirà, in which were presented the results of the first month of operation of the service of selective waste collection Door-to-Door. After the press conference, there was a visit to the Composting Plant in Sort, which was under construction at that time.

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Inauguration of the Composting Plant of Sort and Technical Meeting (July 2015)

In the afternoon of July 23rd, Josep Maria Tost, director of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, along with Rosa Expósito, coordinator of the Liaison Office of the ENPI CBC MED Program, Llàtzer Sibís, president of the Regional Council of Pallars Sobirà, and Salvador Rueda, director of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona, inaugurated the new Composting Plant of Sort which has been built next to the Clean Point facilities.

During the morning, a technical meeting was held and participants learned and discussed about the advantages and challenges of the model of waste management in Pallars Sobirà and other tourist areas in the mountains.

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Open day at the Composting Plant of Sort (November 2015)

On Saturday, November 14th, the new Composting Plant of Sort opened its doors to visitors and they were able to learn about how their facilities are being operated. On a festive day, from 11:00 to 14:00, the attendees got to know the process by which organic matter that has been previously separated in the region’s homes is transformed onto high quality compost.

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Development Agency Gal Genovese (Italy)


First training on how to make high quality compost (June 2015)

First course on composting management.

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Second training on how to make high quality compost (July 2015)

Gal Genovese organized the second course on composting, open to all farmers who have requested the modular composters – provided free via the SCOW project. They were given practical help to take the right techniques in order to obtain a quality compost and reap the greatest benefits.

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Local Councils’Association (Malta)


Business meeting with stakeholders (February 2015)


The Local Councils’ Association in Malta organized a meeting on 17th February with various stakeholders at local level. The main goal of the meeting was to establish cooperation between food waste producers, waste collection operators and the composter operator.

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House of Water of Environment (Palestina)


Training Activities (August 2015)

House of Water and Environment (HWE) conducted a training meeting regarding the separation of organic waste of big producers, like restaurants and hotels.



  In Jericho.







   In Ramallah.





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Upper Galilee Regional Council (Israel)


Separating waste at home: Letter from resident of the Upper Galilee (March 2015)




Kibbutz Kfar Hanassi was one of the first kibbutzim which began separating organic waste. This nice letter was written after the instructor visited him for explaining how the Door-to-Door works.


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SCOW booth at the Israel science day at Upper Galilee (May 2015)


During the celebration of the Science day, there was a stand where the SCOW project was explained to visitors.

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Study tour in the Upper Galilee (May 2015)


Representative from the Western Galilee Cities Association for Environmental protection visited Upper Galilee to know about selective collection and the composter.

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“Happeningalilee 2015” (May 2015)


There was also a stand about SCOW project in the annually event of the Upper Galilee Municipal County.

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Info day about the composting plant in Upper Galilee (December 2015)


“From kitchen waste to excellent compost”

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SYVADEC (Siret) – Corsica (France)


Inauguration of the first Electromechanical Composting Platform of Corsica (May 2015)

In the framework of SCOW project (Selective Collection of the Organic Waste), M. François Tatti, president of SYVADEC and. M. Xavier Poll, president of Community of Communes of Center of Corsica inaugurated the first Electromechanical Composting Plant of Corsica, in Corte.

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4th Dating Members (November 2015)





Since 2009, the SYVADEC distributed over 8000 composters that can divert almost 2,200 tons of organic waste per year. The meetings enabled members to exchange around several feed-back.

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Environment Park, Spa – Bioenergy Lab (Italy)


Environment Park presents SCOW project at the Expo 2015 in Milano (July 2015)

The SCOW Project was at the EXPO 2015 Milano, in the Global Farm of the Future Pavilion (this is the pavilion of the WAA-World Association of Agronomists).

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The SCOW Project in the Ecomondo Conference (November 2015)


Environment Park and CIC presented the SCOW project and in particular the monitoring activities during the 2015 Ecomondo Conference.

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Internal Meetings

6th Steering Committee, 28-29 April, 2015 – Upper Galilee, Israel

The new Composting Plant built in the framework of the SCOW project, was inaugurated during the celebration of the 6th Steering Committee. The ambassador of the EU delegation in Israel, Mr. Lars Faaborg-Andersen was the honor guest.

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7th Steering Committee, 16-17 December, 2015 – Barcelona




After the Conference where the Medcompost network was launched, partners worked on the final issues regarding the project and planned the next steps for the future. 

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