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House of Water and Environment
Name: Ms Sawsan Qudsi
Address:41 Khaled Ibn El Walid st. Al Sharafeh- Al Bireh-Ramallah

House of Water and Environment (HWE) is a Palestinian not-for-profit NGO that was established in the year 2004. HWE aims to promote practical research into the current and future state of water resources and the environment in Palestine and across the region. There is a need to combine different notions of social, technical and economic sustainability in order to achieve development outcomes that both provide for national development and help to achieve poverty reduction. HWE aims to address this need through mobilizing local and international networks and partnerships to promote a broader analysis of sustainable water resource development and better ‘governance’ of the resource. 

HWE Mission

House of Water and Environment strives to be the leading NGO in the field of Water research and environment so as to provide research and special studies which conducted by professionals who gains the competence and experience that make a difference positively works to support and develop the water and environment sectors. It is also one of HWE ‘s goals  to implement development projects, training and capacity-building which enables the  Palestinian people control their water through government institutions and competencies who we are proud of.