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A landfill has a limited life, but a composting plant can continue to process waste indefinitely.

Plan & Activities

Plan & Activities

The implementation of a quality selective collection scheme of the organic waste will be implemented, particularly in tourist areas of the Mediterranean countries, which combine economic development of the service sector with an importance on agricultural activity. The treatment of this organic material will be done in small, technologically simple farm composting plants, located mainly in agricultural holdings situated near urban centres or tourist areas. The project will focus in the following territories:


Palestinian Authority: The Jericho municipality (East of West Bank/Jordan Valley) has a number of touristic attractions in addition to the nearby agricultural lands in the Jordan Valley. The Al Far’a Area (Northern West Bank) is of high agricultural value.


Israel: Upper & Eastern Galilee is the major tourist region. In the Upper Galilee Regional Council, there are 29 farming Settlements ("Kibbutes") with 17.000 inhabitants, with 29 large scale agriculture farms, approximately a few hundred tourist businesses and 31 business of the industry sector. Most of the Hula Valley in Eastern-Galilee as well as the mountains' settlements have agriculture fields and orchards.


Malta: Malta (composed of three islands) is a popular tourist destination and welcomes more than one million tourists per year. Agriculture is a popular activity and a large amount of the territory of the islands consists of fields and farms.


Italy: There are the following zones in Genoa’s Province: the municipality of Genoa, a touristic city, the coastal area of Genoa’s Province of 16 municipalities and Hinterland of Genoa’s Province of 51 municipalities. In the Province of Genoa there are 1.030 farms that operate in different sectors of agriculture (Genoa’s Municipality has the biggest number of farms – 189).


France: The Corsican territory is an unusual mix of tourist and agricultural areas. In Corse, there are farms all over the island and quality agriculture has been developed. There are two differenced areas in the island and both are tourist destinations: Balagne (North Corse) and Cinarca-Liamone (South Corse).


Spain: In the Catalonian territory, a study carried out by the Catalonian Government has detected that 16 zones from different regions developing local composting in small plants, due to their organic fraction production and their rural features. In these zones, there is a significant country tourism as well as beach tourism in the shore locations.