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Separating waste at the source - changing consumerism and saving money

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

Project Steering Committee (PSC)


Jimmy Magro - Malta scow project

Jimmy Magro - Malta

Project Manager and Legal Representative of the Local Council’s Association
Uri Marchaim - MIGAL scow project

Uri Marchaim - MIGAL

Head, Dept of Biotechnology, Dept of Regional Development,
MIGAL - Galilee Research Institute
Francisco Cárdenas BCNEcologia scow project

Francisco Cárdenas - BCNEcologia

Head of Planning and Programming - SCOW Project manager

Marta Vila - BCNecologia scow project

Marta Vila - BCNecologia

Head of the Waste Management and Materials Cycle Area

Alexia Boulanger - Environment Park

Water and Environment Engineer - Project developer Role in the SCOW project: Technical Coordinator and PSC for the Scow project

Yael Atar Peled - Upper Galilee Regional Council

Sustainability & recycling coordinator