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Generation of organic solid waste is rising everywhere in the Mediterranean region, due to population's increase and development of industry agriculture.

SCOW project experts team

SCOW project experts team

Ramón Plana González-Sierra

External consultant in waste management
Field of expertise: Biological treatments of organic wastes

Michele Giavini

Cooperating with the Italian Composting Council, CIC, and with ISWA, the International Solid Waste Association
Field of expertise: Organic waste collection and treatment, waste data processing

Marco Ricci-Jürgensen

Senior Expert Field of expertise: MSW waste collection and treatment, data processing, Waste fees

Massimo Centemero

Technical Director of Italian Composting Council Field of expertise: Compost quality, labelling and marketing, composting and anaerobic digestion technologies

Vincenzo Verrastro

Scientific Administrator of CIHEAM – IAMB