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A landfill has a limited life, but a composting plant can continue to process waste indefinitely.

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waste management Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona
Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona
Name: Ms Marta Vila
Address:1, 3th floor Escar Barcelona 08039

BCNecologia (the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona) is a public consortium consisting of the City Council of Barcelona, the Municipal Council and Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the Barcelona Provincial Council. The aim of the Agency is to rethink cities in key of sustainability.

BCNecologia has done projects for various public institutions, foundations, organizations and companies, both nationally and internationally.

BCNecologia applies a systemic approach to the management of cities to encourage a more sustainable model. The urban model that best describes the principles of urban efficiency, habitability and sustainability, is the model of the compact city. This model encompasses the morphology, complex organization, efficient metabolism, and social cohesion desirable within today's cities. Moreover, it provides the basis of sustainable models for BCNecologia.

In order to achieve this, the Agency provides sustainable solutions related to mobility, energy, waste management, water management, urban planning, biodiversity and social cohesion.

Together with their beneficiaries, BCNecologia identifies problems and their causes, makes proposals, analyzes the technical feasibility, quantifies the results and provides administrative support in managing and implementing projects.

BCNecología is made up of a transdiciplinary team led by Salvador Rueda, and is comprised of lawyers, environmentalists, architects, biologists, information scientists, physicists, geographers, computer scientists, egineers (industrial, road, and agricultural), journalists, psychologists and chemists.