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The earlier the waste is sorted, the greater the separation potential and the greater the value of recyclable components.

Associates involvement – MED Compost Network

ACR+ Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management

ACR+ has extensive experience working with local authorities in the Mediterranean area , more particularly in Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. Our waste expertise varies but is much related to the specific needs as expressed by our partners involved in the projects being: diagnostic reviews, ISWM planning, implementation of concrete projects. Some projects were/ are closely linked to optimising organic waste management at decentralised, local level.

ACR+ has provided some advice on Full Application Form and has made available its network in order to associate more partners: Rabat Region and Djerba municipality. ACR+ has, besides its expertise in dissemination of project results, an in house subject matter specialist in the field of organic waste management at decentralised level. ACR+ is also thematic waste expert for the Horizon2020 Capacity Building programme in the Mediterranean and the Balkan and offers various trainings to local, regional and national officials in all kind of waste topics including organic waste.

As an associate member, ACR+ participation can ensure a key input for the capitalisation process in terms of network and expertise: ACR+ has more than 100 members and more than 6000 contacts in Europe and is in the process of setting up a Mediterranean network of local and regional authorities on ISWM. ACR+ has, through its participation in different projects such as LIFE+, INTERREG et EUROPAID, a particular expertise in the field of dissemination of results.

Jean-Jacques Dohogne jjd@acrplus.org

Bruxelles, Belgique www.acrplus.org