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The earlier the waste is sorted, the greater the separation potential and the greater the value of recyclable components.

Associates involvement – MED Compost Network

ARC- Waste Agency of Catalonia

As a competent authority in Catalonia, ARC has been responsible for monitoring the selective waste collection and has given technical and financial support to two small plants in two geographical areas: (1)“Boadella i les Escaules”, selective collection of organic fraction begun in 2006,and its treatment in a small composting plants located in the municipality of Boadella i les Escaules, having a capacity of 150tons per year of organic fraction ./ (2)Joint Municipalities of La Plana, selective collection of the organic fraction in 12 municipalities (about 30,000people) since2000, and its treatment in a composting plant located in La Malla municipality, with a capacity of 1,500 tons per year of organic fraction. Provision of relevant and specialized information for the preparation of the project; Definitions of the tests to be carried out in Catalonia to implement the biowaste selective collection and the farm composting plant; contact with the municipalities that could better adapt to the main objectives of the project and thus building the composting plant (Pallars Sobirà County meets the requirements and has showed interest to develop the plant into its territory).

Advisement on the collection and plants technical definition. Monitoring and dissemination the project results. As a competent authority on waste management and particularly the organic fraction, the involvement of the ARC provides relevant expertise to be taken into account especially during the definition of the general management model and the adaptation to the territories. It will also contribute to the dissemination of the results to other territories.

Mª Dolors Pous mpous@gencat.cat

Barcelona, Spain www.arc.cat