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Generation of organic solid waste is rising everywhere in the Mediterranean region, due to population's increase and development of industry agriculture.

Associates involvement – MED Compost Network

ECN - European Compost Network


The  purpose is to work with practitioners, researchers, technicians and policy makers to deliver integrated organic waste recycling solutions that generate high quality products for the benefit of the environment and the users of the recycled products. It serves as central resource and network for the organic waste recycling sector in Europe, as well as the emerging bio-based economy.


ECN’s vision is living well within the limited resources of the planet respecting the organic cycle.



Ensure that we protect soils for the next generations by:

  • Being Ambassadors of the organic cycle
  • Promoting separate collection and biological treatment of organic resources
  • Promoting production and use of quality assured compost and digestate
  • Supporting the circular economy and creating local jobs


Executive Director:
Dr. Stefanie Siebert  siebert@compostnetwork.info
Bochum (Germany) www.compostnetwork.info