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Generation of organic solid waste is rising everywhere in the Mediterranean region, due to population's increase and development of industry agriculture.

Associates involvement – MED Compost Network

CIC Consorzio Italiano Compostatori

The Association is a not-for-profit organization. It is important at a national level and has approximately 120 Members. It is the only organization in Italy which promotes and follows up, in collaboration with Local Authorities, proposals for new laws, the policy of waste reduction, the carrying out of separate waste collection for the selection, processing, recycling and utilisation of biomasses, and in general of organic waste which can be turned into compost.

The Members of the CIC are not only committed to operating in scrupulous conformity with the norms governing the industry, but also to constant research to provide solutions to minimise the impact of production plants on the environment, and to produce an ever-higher quality final product. To this end the Members of the CIC guarantee the use of quality organic materials and a rigorous control of the production processes.


The Association co-ordinates and promotes the activities of the associated companies and public bodies with the following aims:

  • To promote the production of composted materials, especially those of high quality and controlled quality compost

  • To promote the correct use of high quality and controlled quality compost in agriculture, in land reclamation and restoration, and in other alternative uses

  • To safeguard and control correct methods and procedures for the production of composting materials

  • To promote initiatives for sales and marketing, and the appropriate destination for the final products

  • To carry out research and scientific studies, and distribute information relating to methods and techniques used in the production and use of the composts produced

  • To organise and run training and refresher courses on composting and the use of products


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