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Generation of organic solid waste is rising everywhere in the Mediterranean region, due to population's increase and development of industry agriculture.


Towards a European Circular Economy Congress

6 April, 2014

ACR+ is organizing a conference about how the Zero waste strategy can be a key element towards a European circular economy. 

22-23 May 2014, Rome

Through a panel of European experts, “circular economy “ and “zero waste” concepts will be analyzed and illustrated through concrete examples and by different stakeholders (local authorities, the European Commission and private sector’s representatives).

The conference will be followed by the General Assembly 2014.

SOCW project will present a poster with the main outputs and results to be capitalized: In page 5, “Exposition - From island to archipelago. A network of best practices and actors”


The final programme is attached below

To register for this event, please follow this link


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