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Activities & Quantified Outputs

WP6 - Monitoring, evaluation and conclusions - Quantified outputs

23 November, 2014

 WP6 - Quantified outputs


  • Quantitative and Qualitative Records of the organic fraction collected and transported to the composting plants (10)
  • Records of the structuring material added to the process (10)
  • Records of the treatment processes parameters according to the different plant typologies (10)
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Records (chemical composition and physical parameters) of the generated compost as well as its applications (10)
  • Quantitative Records of compost directly applied, distributed and sold out (10)
  • Data Reports on the areas where the generated compost is regularly applied (10)
  • Tracking records of the adaptations of the management (and protocols) in each stage to ensure continuing improvements in the process (10)
  • Database of the result indicators derived from WP4 (1)
  • Network to monitor the management and results of the agriculture composting plants (1)